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Silk Road Trip | Day 5

Today’s trek in the middle of nowhere along the Silk Road led us to the glorious mountains called “Rainbow Mountains.”  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these mountains really are this colorful and beautiful - no camera filters added!  

We were stunned by the beauty and by our numerous opportunities to take pictures together.

Charlie's Angels take the Rainbow Bridge!

Note the random Chinese person, one of an innumerable number, who accosted me and requested a picture with me because I’m a very obvious foreigner.  Evidently according to Chinese culture it’s their way of appreciating and admiring different kinds of people.

I remember that Elizabeth was laughing in this picture because we had, yet again, been sighted and approached by a Chinaman to take photos!

From my cultural background, however, days of experiencing people pointing, gawking, laughing, and asking to take their picture with you because you’re different-looking can feel a little off-putting, to say the least.

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