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Applying For Jobs

Now that I'm back from my nearly year-long hiatus to Shanghai, it's time for me to start applying for jobs.

Applying for jobs has turned out to be an anxious hurdle I've experienced for quite a while. I knew after graduation with my Master's that I was no longer interested in pursuing chemical industries or academic chemistry - the work environments are uninspiring, notably hazardous, and don't pay much. I also personally believe that using the intellectual prowess of a chemist's trained, analytical mind to create the "next greatest soap" or the "next greatest toothpaste" is a waste of critical resources in the age of climate change, overwhelming pollution, and energy crisis.

To date I've been pursuing work that requires me to interface with people many hours each day. For an introvert like me, this is an incredibly draining type of work. I do my best thinking and creation when I'm alone, working independently. I like interfacing wit…

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