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Additional Resources for Confidence Crash Course

If you're visiting this article without preface, please refer to the Confidence Crash Course for more context.

  1. Law of Attraction Guided Planner/Journal - This journal is a really great resource which I have found personally useful for getting out of debt, paying off student loans, finishing a very difficult master's degree, saving money, developing healthier coping mechanisms, and learning how to set and achieve manageable goals! It has also helped me learn how to manage my free-floating anxieties effectively. If you visit nothing else on this page, I hope you give this inexpensive but high-quality journal a try!
  2. Teal Swan provides practical, easy-to-digest, step-by-step guides using psychological research and spiritual best practices to stimulate better self-control, healthy coping mechanisms, and feelings of greater self-worth.

  1. Elizabeth Rogers. Like A Femme Boss Blog. “Resources for Womyn
  2. Elizabeth Rogers. Like A Femme Boss Blog. “How to Use the Law of Attraction to Your Advantage
  3. Affirmations

Elizabeth Rogers is a freelance blogger, STEM tutor, and entrepreneur. Her interests include women's empowerment, health and wellness, and science advocacy.


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