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Life As A Feminist Stripper

This article was written by Chandler, one of our blog contributors to The views expressed in this article in no way reflect the views of this enterprise or its creator.

It astounds me how the male population still puts down women and claims that they don't do any "real work."

Men who don't have good social skills walk into the club I work at and expect me to make up the difference. I have to hit on them, act like I think they're super-interesting, and then pretend I'm really attracted to them. These men hold prejudiced views against non-whites, limited views about government policy and the importance of welfare programs to the common man (regardless of whether you're using the services or not - they're still benefiting you by keeping our land clean, sanitary, and orderly!). Many of these men don't smell very good. They're old, crusty, white cis-males who don't understand the value of everyone else's time. They can't fathom the fact that I'm not there at the club solely for their leisure and entertainment.

Honestly, this is just as much work as social work, yet even more anxiety-inducing because as a stripper you always run the risk that these boneheads (pun intended) will act on their attractions to you and sexually violate you. I don't know how many times a guy has said, "Oh, I just want to make you feel good" and then proceeds to stick his fingers down my thong without warning and without seeking permission.

So irritating.

And violating.

Yet the money is really good.

It makes sense that the money is good.

Thank God the money is good, or no woman in her right mind would do this to herself.

I think being a stripper makes me appreciate all the more the social movements that have taken place in the last forty years to protect women. While we still don't have equal pay, and we still get raped, assaulted, and sexually harassed right and left (this definitely happened to me in prestigious academic settings too, like college and graduate school... so there's definitely no confirmation bias here), we have a lot to be grateful to our mothers and grandmothers for.  Thank them we can get work outside the home. Thank them we can still make the choice to get an abortion should we need to. Thank them we can seek retribution for sexual discrimination (as hard as it may be). May we continue to push progress forward based on the radical notion that, yes, women too are indeed people.


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