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Confessions of a Femme Boss

You can see into my daily life in this section of the blog!

Since I've been back from China, I've been undertaking a job search:
Update on Job Applications
Applying for Jobs

Here are the juicy details of my 2017 trip to China:

End Of Term
Shanghai GNO
Silk Road Trip (Day 6)
Silk Road Trip (Day 5)
Silk Road Trip (Day 4)
Silk Road Trip (Day 3)
Silk Road Trip (Day 2 | Labrang Temple Complex)
Silk Road Trip (Day 2 | Xia He)
Silk Road Trip (Day 1)
Studying Like Crazy
Zhujiajiang Water Town
Wrong Stop
Shenanigans at Chang Feng Gong Yuan
Lactic Acid Bacteria Beverage
Beijing Trip Day 5
Beijing Trip Day 3
Beijing Trip Day 2
Beijing Trip Day 1
Paper Cutting & Acrobatics
Pink Chicken?
Volunteering Sign-Up & First Shopping Trip In PRC
Financial Goals For Travel 2017
Planning Jitters

Hannah Stringfellow is a freelance blogger and world traveler. She holds an M.S., Chemistry, from the University of California, Berkeley. Her interests include women's empowerment, health and wellness, and cross-cultural competency.